Links and Other Resources

The following four agencies help low income families and individuals in making necessary repairs to their homes. They also process applications for Rebuilding Together/Caroline County:

       Bay Area Center for Independent Living
       USDA Rural Development
             (302) 857-3607
       Maryland Affordable Housing Trust
             (301) 429-7670
       Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
              (410) 514-7000 / (800) 756-0119
       Maryland Dept. – Veterans Affairs
             (877) 927-8387

The following three organizations accept and resell useable building materials and supplies.

       Habitat for Humanity Choptank ReStore
       The Loading Dock in Baltimore
       Second Chance, Inc.

Other organizations:

       Rebuilding Together National - Our parent organization.

       Tuckahoe Habitat – our local habitat.